Evan's first dive with a camcorder, he fell in love with underwater videography. His second dive with a camcorder, he flooded it. He was 19 and had already learned everything he needed to know to be a professional underwater videographer. You must have a passion for the sea and knowledge of how to care for your equipment.

After the "school of hard knocks," Evan enrolled at California State University Long Beach in their Film and Electronic Arts Department. The department is well-known for graduating accomplished young filmmakers, but Evan didn't want to be a Hollywood filmmaker. He wanted to be an underwater videographer. While fellow students shot 16mm film, he shot video, and though his fellow students razed him for it, the professors recognized his abilities. He was chosen to produce a documentary-style tribute to a retiring professor. The tribute was shown at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles.

In 2002 Evan was one of 20 students selected from 400 to be awarded the coveted degree in Film and Video Production. He walked the line in alphabetical order. Steven Spielberg walked behind him.

While Liburdi's Scuba Center, where Evan has worked since he was 17, calls him their "Steven Spielberg with fins," Evan's real role models are his stepfather Joe Liburdi, who mentored him in underwater imaging, and today's most acclaimed underwater filmmakers Howard Hall and Norbert Wu.

In 1999 Evan formed his own company, SEASICK PRODUCTIONS, and started teaching video technique and editing and doing postproduction for divers who had hours of tape no one wanted to watch. He gained a reputation as innovative, with an out-of-the-box approach to making a video of fish that is original and entertaining. He has been called "a talent." He prefers to be called edgy. Whatever. His work is fresh and fun.

Evan's professional credits include PADI's DSAT, National Geographic, Jet Blue, Taco Bell, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, LA County Sheriff's Department. And he's gone Hollywood, working on NBC-TV's The Biggest Loser, VH1's Breaking Bonaduce, and Warner Brothers's Beauty and The Geek.

Evan today uses the SONY DSR-PDX10 DVCAM and the new high-definition SONY HVRZ1U 1080 HDV. He has a comprehensive care and maintenance kit. Of course.